Found your wallet

Since my son has started driving, I have encouraged him to make sure that he finds a standard place to leave his wallet and keys in the house every time he comes home.

I am practically robotic about this, leaving mine in the same little nook and cranny. My routines are simple – I set my keys in a basket on our counter, and I set my wallet in – I will never tell. I don’t need you coming and finding my wallet that is devoid of anything useful other than my license, my bank card and, for some reason, an expired library card from where I used to live. I’m on to you. You will NOT get my expired library card.


Finding the good

Hey, friends. You hanging in there? Unlike any other time in my life, the last few weeks have been the great equalizer. We’re all in this together. While we still have some tough times to get through, I hope you are staying safe and strong. And when you can’t be strong, I hope there are people in your life who can either pick you up or let you know that it’s OK. And when the strength returns, I hope you are there for them. 

Embracing the quarantine

Hi, friends. Y’all doing OK? 

I know this has been a tough run of late. But we are all in this together. Except, you know, not, like, close together.

I’m not going to give you any great insight on how we are all gonna power through this. Because I’m no wiser than anyone else on the planet, and let’s be honest – the wisest people on the planet are all kinda figuring this out as we go. Because these are unprecedented times. But I did want to perhaps offer you some distraction action to get you through your quarantine.

Instant gratification

We may be late to the party, but we have finally joined the Instant Pot club.

I know that plenty of folks are waaaay ahead of us on this front. But we were … busy … or something.

For those of you non familiar with Instant Pot, it’s a brand of pressure cooker. There may be others, but that’s the only one I can tell you off the top of my head. Also, I used to think it was called Insta Pot, but I guess I was shortening it because that’s what we cool kids do.

In the bag

Those of you who have read my column for a while know that one of my recurring themes is my loathing of rogue shopping carts left in parking lots.

And I appreciate all that you have done to help stem the tide of this menace. And while the battle against non-returned shopping carts is not yet won, it is clear we have the high ground. We are legion, and we are going to eventually get every used shopping cart to its proper home.