Grand Familyfest Hotel

My family spent a few days at a hotel over the holiday. It was a nice stay at a lovely complex with lots of fun and exciting things to do. A few observations from the stay:

  • Pushing a button is not exactly roller coaster exciting, yet there is something apparently hard wired in siblings where they HAVE to push the button first. I saw several times with parents saying, “No, you pushed it  last time. Let you brother push it first.” Mine are teens now. And we still have to do that, for some reason. I haven’t been on an elevator withany of my three sisters in years, but I wonder if we would still have the same desire to compete. Or if they would just let me go ahead and push the button, since it’s clearly my turn.
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Baby, it’s (already too) cold outside

The weather is getting cold, which means it’s time for getting the fireplace into the action.

In case you are wondering what I think is cold, it is currently 55 degrees outside, and I consider this almost too cold for humans to venture out in.


A key issue

I was heading out the door for work the other morning, and I found myself missing one tiny little thing that was kinda critical to getting to work: The key to my car.

Now, most people would just grab their spare key and head on from there. Unfortunately, my spare key decided to head out on its own several years ago to a destination unknown, so I have been operating with a single key for quite some time. My wife and I looked all over the house, and could not find my car key. And a meeting was fast approaching.


Dog day afternoon (and morning and evening)

My wife and I are dog people. We had a cat for a long time, and she was the most evil creature the world has ever put forth. We kept her for the entire 18 years of her life, despite many people over the years suggesting we get rid of her. We could not do that, as she was our cat, and even though she may have made us question our sanity at times, we had a responsibility. And part of that responsibility, apparently, was to randomly get attacked by a mewling ball of rage as we sat on the couch watching TV.