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The awesome world of trampolining


Ladies and gentlemen, mankind has outdone itself again.

Forget space travel and organ transplants and As Seen On TV products. Those are yesterday’s news. I have experienced humanity’s latest great achievement, and it included me hitting a kid in the face with a rubber ball while bouncing on a trampoline.


Iceolation. How to stay positive about the 2014 ice storm.

Stay positive. That’s what I’m going to. I’m going to stay positive.

As we dig out from under the devastating ice storm of last week, I have decided I will focus on the good things that came from the past week. So to that end:

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Why? Why? Why? Kids and the neverending questions…

If you recall the John Candy classic movie “Uncle Buck,” there is a scene in which Macauly Culkin’s Miles character rapid fires questions to his newly met uncle:

Miles has nothing on my son. Parker is 10. If there were a book entitled, “Every Question You Could Ever Conceivably Ask,” he would have more questions than that.


That was fun, winter! Now go away.

Great job, Mother Nature! Now pack up and head north where you belong.

So the snow has come (yay!) and gone (double yay!). The South has survived, and I feel the need to reflect on The Great Big Super Duper Amazingly Fantastic Snow Storm Event of 2014 (I like that better than the one-word names).