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Brand new problem

It’s hard to see your kid going through some of the gauntlets of childhood. You know they are going to go through it, just as you did. But that’s life, right? Heck, you also know they may be the givers of angst in other kids’ lives. The key, though, is knowing that your kid can rise above.


It’s in the jeans

I need a new pair of jeans.

It’s the familiar old process I find myself going through at least every 10 or so years.

Yes, I wear jeans for a long time. And I usually only have two pairs of jeans at a time — the pair I will wear out hiking in the woods or swamps, and the pair I will wear into civilization.

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Round two with the sea

I don’t like losing. Granted, I don’t know many people who actually like losing, but I do know plenty of people who do not have it actively affect their blood pressure, even if it is something as important as a board game or a football game on TV.

Childhood Family

Advice for new parents (I’m looking at you, new dads)

My kids are 12 and 15, so I’ve been out of the parenting business for about seven years.

Really, if they have learned it by five, what chance do you have?

Ha! Just some bad parenting humor there. I know a parent’s job is never done. I’m 43, and pretty much every time I visit with my parents, I lean on them for some sage words of advice, often which is, “Payback’s tough, huh?”