Decision time

Sometimes, you find yourself at a crossroads: You must dig deep into your hardwired soul and decide — is it time for fight or flight?

Do you dig your heels in and wage a to-the-death battle, or do you slink away and hope to disappear into permanent anonymity?

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You mow, girl!

There are plenty of fantastic milestones in your children’s lives.

First day of kindergarten. Getting a driver’s license. Prom. Wedding. Rebounding from that corporate wide-layoff.

I have experienced plenty of wonderful milestones for both of my kids, and I am sure the upcoming achievements will be equally awesome.

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Oh, little brothers

The other day, my wife and I celebrated our 17th anniversary. I have written plenty of anniversary columns over the years, so this won’t be one of them. I think the fact that we hit 17 years can be summed up with this one sentence: My wife is very patient.