The Untouchable cart rescue

Remember that awesome scene in “The Untouchables” when Eliot Ness and Agent Stone have a shootout with the mafia guys in the middle of a train station?

What do you mean you’ve never seen “The Untouchables”? Sigh. What am I going to do with you. Alright, go rent it. Or piece it together through YouTube clips. Meet you back here in two hours.

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Happy St. Parker’s Day

On March 17, as you all celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, mparker1y wife and I will celebrate the day as we have every year since 2003 — as St. Parker’s Day.

This year, our son Parker becomes a teenager. Lucky number 13.

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Murphy’s law

Murphy defends his home turf against all intruders.
Murphy defends his home turf against all intruders.

I have had some great dogs in my life. I’m talking first ballot Hall of Famers.

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The wait is over

As a parent, one of my key jobs is to tell my children things that make them roll their eyes.

Among some of the things in the Hall of Fame of Dadisms that my kids absolutely love hearing:

  • When they tell me something isn’t fair, I tell them that the world is not fair, and they should be thankful for that, because it’s not fair in their favor.