Cart attack

It’s been a while since I stepped up on my soapbox and preached about the evils of grocery cart abuse, but I think it’s high-time I jump on up there, get a chorus behind me and sing the gospel of – RESPONSIBILITY!



Clearly, the powerful lobbyists behind boiled water are not going to like this column.

I know what you’re thinking – you’re thinking I’ve been spending too much time with the permanent marker.

But hear me out. I base this bold assertion on the fact that I discovered you can make hard boiled eggs without actually boiling them.

Childhood Family

Fort Awesome

When I was little, I was a master fort builder. We had woods behind my parents’ house, and at the time it was the most sprawling expansion of woods the world has ever known. Lewis and Clark would have found it daunting.

Adventures Vacation

Off we go…

Well, Team Gibbons logged a lot of miles last week, with the four of us setting of on three different adventures across this great land’s east coast.

I spent some time at Barrier Island, a camp/nature area on Seabrook Island, where I was a chaperone for my son’s class. While there, they learned plenty of cool nature facts and even got to wallow in mud and cover themselves head-to-toe in it, which is pretty much the top of most 10-year-olds’ To Do Lists.

Home improvement

The joy of doorknobs

I’ve got no issues with doorknobs. Big fan of ‘em, in fact. They are fantastic inventions that serve a great function in society, from privacy issues to security issues to little brother issues. (That last one is particularly relevant to one resident in my house.)

Childhood Family

Tree house security

It’s like getting top-secret clearance.

You don’t just let someone waltz into the Pentagon or Fort Knox. You have strict guidelines on who can enter. You check their credentials. You check their background. And you certainly check their stick sharpening skills.