A gift to the sea

“When the Maiden of the Sea is granted alms, she shall never return them.”

    — Ancient mariner saying I just made up

OK, so it’s not an ancient mariner saying. But it should have been, or, at least should be from this point on because I think it sounds a little better than saying, “I went crabbing with my kids and our chair was blown into the water and I didn’t get it back, despite spending 20 or so minutes walking on an oyster bed.”

Hoop nightmares

My wife and I had an evening event to attend recently. Our daughter was going out with friends, leaving our son at home alone.

He’s 12, so he’s plenty capable of being at home alone till 8ish. We set down the ground rules: Stay at home. Don’t answer the door. Call the neighbors if you need them. And please don’t text us 435 times asking “When are you coming home?”