A little common courtesy, please

So there’s this guy I know. He’s got a meeting Monday. But he might be able to do to get with you Tuesday. But what he really wants is to make sure the contract is signed.

OK, I don’t know him. At all. But I do know all of that other stuff. Why? Because he decided to have this conversation extra loud while pacing back and forth in a coffee shop.

The great ball rescue

Every once in a while, Superman needs a ladder.

My son, ever since he has been old enough to throw a ball, has had an amazing propensity for getting them stuck in trees. Mainly, this is because, for some reason, he enjoys throwing or kicking balls directly into trees. One would think he might eventually determine the cause and effect relationship.

Hey, Chargers fans – Y’all are welcome here

Just wanted to reach out from the other coast and offer all of you understandably hurt Chargers fans a possible path back to professional football. As the recently self-appointed fan spokesperson for the Atlanta Falcons, I invite all scorned Chargers fans to Rise Up and hop on the Falcons bandwagon. We don’t have much history — only 10 games against each other ever. So we don’t have a rocky past. You know there’s no way you could possibly shift to the Chiefs or Broncos or Raiders. Too much history. We’re a lovely fanbase with a brand spanking new stadium starting next year. And Samuel L. Jackson is in our hype video. What’s not to love? So come on Charger, fans. Become Falcons fans. It’s only about a four-hour flight, which is probably about the same amount of time you’d spend in LA traffic. Look forward to seeing y’all.