Lacrosse path


Many moons ago, my wife and I were on our honeymoon and had made a stop in the Bahamas. During a stroll, we came upon an overlook where we could see down into a small stadium where a game of cricket was being played. My wife asked me to explain what was going on.

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The dangers of phones. And bears.

When our species begins to decline in numbers, I do not think it will be due to environmental degradation or war or bears.

Those issues are certainly things to stay up all night worrying about, perhaps in a fortified bunker in your basement. And if you think bears aren’t a concern, remember that they can outrun us, outclimb us and outswim us. And we’ve spent decades teaching them how to ride bikes. We’ve created a potential monster.


Foiling an investigation


It seemed like an open and shut case.

I pulled open the drawer to get some aluminum foil. When I opened the container, I saw that inside was not any aluminum foil, but rather a single cardboard tube.

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Shoe do you love?

Like anyone, else, I long for the good old days. And never mind that good old days weren’t actually as good as we remember them. I hitch my wagon to the romanticized version of how life used to be.