Shopping in a Covid-19 world

As I have stated many times, I don’t get political in this column. And I won’t start today. That said, this column addresses some topics that bleed into the realm of health and society, which somehow is now kinda politics. But I offer this initial disclaimer up because, should this be posted on any of the Facebook pages of the local newspapers my column is carried in, I vow I will not go in and read any comments because I believe newspaper comment sections are one of the top causes of high blood pressure in the country, and no one needs hypertension in their life.


The cart battle wages on…

I thought my job was done.
It has been a while since I have written about grocery carts. I thought the cart warriors had won the war, and all carts were being returned to their proper places. Sadly, I have noticed of late that those in rebellion of common courtesy have begun to pop up again. We drove the villains to their hiding spots, but they have become emboldened again, emerging from their dark hiding spots to wreak havoc on humanity.