Behold the glory of Roosevelt the Raccoon

Whenever I’m traveling, I enjoy stopping at local haunts to see what they have to offer. And sometimes, I find things such as this:


This is apparently a raccoon, based on the fact that, as I was taking this picture, a guy in a truck pulled up and said, “You taking a picture of the coon? It’s about 40 years old.”

You’re never too old to enjoy summer

Ah, summer. That time when we were kids when the days were endless, the adventures were everywhere, and the sunburns and mosquito bites were aplenty.

When we become adults, however, summer’s magic seems to have gone away. Most of us still work during the summer. Teachers who have the summer off still have their grown-up responsibilities to tend to. Summer, for adults, just becomes another season in the grind, albeit an exceptionally hot one.