Please permit me…

On the morning of my daughter’s 15th birthday, she insisted we be at the DMV the moment it opened so that she could get her permit as soon as possible.

On the morning of my son’s 15th birthday, well, it was a Saturday, so he probably slept in. I might have made mention of him being able to take the permit test, and his answer would have most likely been a shrug or a “Yeah, at some point, I guess.”

Maddux the Stoic

We’re not sure how old our dog, Maddux the Stoic, is. We think he’s around 9.

But I can assure you this: He is definitely now in the demographic of finicky old man.

We don’t know how old he is because he was a rescue. Maddux had a less than stellar start to his first (we guess) couple of years in life, but I’d like to think he has enjoyed his time with us.

You say you want a resolution

I didn’t know until recently who Strava is, but I can tell you this much – you’re no fun, Strava.

For those of you as in the dark as I was, Strava is a social network for runners and cyclists. I heard about them because I saw quite a few news stories pop up recently that said that Strava had determined that most people abandoned their New Year’s Resolutions by Jan. 12. Well that’s just throwing a wet blanket on folks trying to do better.