“Snake vs. Birds: Live” – our own nature show

It was a typical request from a grandfather to a grandson: “Go put the rat snake on the bird feeder.”

What? That’s not your usual Thursday evening entertainment?

It all started when I got a text message from a friend. It was a picture of a large snake on the top of a fence with the text: “Yikes! What is it?” I considered responding, “Relax — it’s a fence. They’re common.”


The unreasonable demands of big sisters

If there is one thing that a little brother can’t stand, it’s his big sister telling him what to do. I am reminded of this roughly 54,00 times a day.

This was on exhibit recently when I was at the movies with my kids and my two nephews, who are both seven. I opted to take four kids to the movies because I am a brave, brave man.