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It was room cleaning time, and I was on the clock.

As the kids have gotten older, they have gotten to where they are responsible for their own rooms. But let’s be honest here – most 10- and 13-year olds clean rooms the way squirrels stock away food for winter. They shove stuff here and there and hope they can find it in a few months when they need it.

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There’s a mouse (mice?) in the house

It’s a text message I’m sure you’ve gotten a thousand times:

“So we found a mouse and it bit Parker, but we’ve got it covered.”

This particular message came from my daughter, who was home along with her brother when the bite happened. They had called me, but I was in a meeting and missed the call. They then called my sister, who called my mom, who handled triage remotely.

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The manliest of manly men

I defy you to find a more manly setting than a bunch of guys using a chainsaw in the middle of a swamp.

The day oozed of testosterone, as six of us set out to clear a stream on our family land. I am fairly certain, had we wanted, any of us could have immediately sprouted a ZZ Top beard on command. Even my six-year-old nephew. It was that manly.


Get yourself a pair of cheap sunglasses…

The last time I owned a pair of expensive sunglasses, I’m pretty sure there were two Germanies.

I was in high school, and I saved up around $100 to buy a pair of really nice sunglasses. They were Bollé brand, and anyone who just Googled that brand for his column can tell you that “Bollé is a world leader in the manufacture and sale of technical glasses, goggles and helmets for everyday life and specialised sports.”


A devious vacuuming plan

I realized recently that I have the perfect vacuum for my kids to use.

This happened when I was vacuuming the hallway, and I noticed that every thing I went over on the carpet was still there after the vacuum passed it. The motor was humming, the canister was creating a little whirlwind inside, but nothing was actually being picked up from the carpet.