Giving thanks

As is required by federal columnist law, the following is my annual list of things I am thankful for. This year has been one of enormous change for my family, as I took a new job and moved to a new city. My family has had to adjust to the biggest change we have ever undertaken, with a new home and new schools and generally new everything in their lives. And we have done this was amazing support from friends and family who helped us take this leap of faith that has turned out pretty darn well for us.

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Life isn’t fair.

If there is one things kids love, it’s canned speeches that they hear over and over and over again.

They particularly love these when they are in response to the laments of how woeful their lives are.

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Armadillo 1, Parker 0

It was your typical father-son conversation.

MY SON: Dad, I’m stuck.

ME: Can you reach the armadillo?

MY SON: Not quite.

It all started the other night at my parents’ house as we were sitting on the back deck enjoying the evening. Behind my parents’ house are some woods that admittedly may not seem large now, but seemed huge when we moved there when I was four. They are at least big enough for me to have gotten lost in them as a child, a fact that my family still finds funny to this day.

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Hereditary handwriting conundrums

Because it’s kinda how it’s drawn up in the manual, my kids are a pretty solid combination of my wife and me.

My daughter looks like my wife, which is fortunate, because no 14-year-old girl should have to go through life looking like me.