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Me llamo Miguel, and that’s the bulk of my Spanish.

Clearly, I need to brush up on my Spanish.

While I would never say that I was fluent, I took several years of high school and college Spanish, and at one point I could probably limp my way through a Spanish conversation.


Where is my phone? And what does eobiont mean?

Like most of you, I use my phone as far more than just a phone.

In fact, “phone” is actually a bit of a misnomer. It’s the Swiss Army knife of technology. Come to think of it, calling a Swiss Army knife is kind of inaccurate as well. If you went around calling it your Swiss Army corkscrew, people would look at you funny.

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Gone fishin’ (not catchin’)

Should you be concerned with overfishing throughout the world, I can safely assure you of this: It’s not my family’s fault.

I can prove this by the fact that, since my kids have gotten new fishing poles, we have caught exactly the same number of fish had we asked them nicely to join us on the dock.

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Looking for health food in all the wrong places

Pop and Parker ready to enjoy their Varsity meal.
Pop and Parker ready to enjoy their Varsity meal.

During a recent visit to Atlanta, my father-in-law, son and I made one of our routine visits to The Varsity in downtown Atlanta.